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  1. Close this thread now please, we've heard from the queen now and this is just ick.
  2. Wow that medium article really put everything into perspective. I'm going to bump it again because it's an IMPORTANT READ https://medium.com/@BrianneAmira/britneys-gram-reported-to-fbi-u-s-dept-of-health-and-more-7d3fcf495b27
  3. There's literally like ten people at that "protest".
  4. Amanda attorney has just said she'll still be getting back into acting jobs etc after she's finished her stay. Also her parents set up a trust for all her money which was all pertioned by her parents through court.
  5. Interesting no one is questioning Amanda's conservatorship. She's been in the facility now since Jan. Also her conservatorship is approaching 5 years now.
  6. By the fucking way if you were involuntarily committed to a mental health facility you wouldn't be allowed to go to a day trip to a salon and use your phone.
  7. These fucking bored stans have started this whole shit storm now out of pure SPECULATION. Fucking idiots. This is so gross. Don't they realize that this counters their whole argument that Britney is a object, she needs to be let free - yet they're treating her like a fucking object who they can speculate, question and theorize on her own health and well being without actually knowing a single direct thing from her own mouth??
  8. Do you blame people for not streaming Taylor's last album though? The album was one of her worst, she didn't do a single ounce of press, promo, performances - it was complete radio silence. I know that went with her whole aesthetic but yeah the quality of the album wasn't strong enough to back a release like that. This time around seems like she wants to do a more straight forward pop album and release, no doubt she'll break records on spotify etc.
  9. Of course Britney wants out, you don't need a podcast or legal degree to know that she's a grown ass woman under the control of her Father. But everything else I have no idea and I'm not contributing because we're dealing with her mental health and well-being and talking or speculating about that is ick.
  10. I can't believe she still won after reading the Grammy's to filth 😂
  11. There is similarities with "thank u next" and what Britney was trying to do with "Original Doll". I think the major difference is Ari allowed her label to intervene and book in Max Martin sessions to keep everyone happy, whereas Britney stayed true to that album and didn't accept any influence from her label hence why they never allowed her to release it. Anyway the point of this rambling is Britney did do some not "bratty" things but some boss moves - like going against Jive to premiere Mona Lisa on radio. You could tell she had the intention of releasing the album and if streaming and the music industry was the way it is today I have no doubt Britney would have self released that album or leaked it lol.
  12. Yes. The only thing that annoyed me was them saying Britney wasn't up to it - she got through the FF tour and had her Blackout Britney moments during Circus and POM and got through that too. I don't believe for one second she wasnt up to it.
  13. Again makes no sense as she's been completely transparent and is completely and utterly justified for choosing her family and spending time with her Dad as he's on the mend. Health and family is precious and can never be taken for granted. I applaud Britney, what she did is tough but the completely right decision.
  14. She sounds amazing, her vocals aren't shaky at all RECORD more music with these flawless deep soulful vocals queen
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