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  1. Mood ring is still my jam! i remember i exchanged a few emails with myah during the myspace days i was stanning for candy from strangers, feet on the ground, chemistry, stilleto sex
  2. So I've been listening to this song on repeat in the car while I was driving. I made a blackout spears of myself (listening to her material in the car) and I believe this song should be a potential single. It shows another side of her. I mean if rihanna released this as a single it would he a hit
  3. The glow part gloooooooow and the last yeah is very "touch of my hand"
  4. Still shook best song on glory
  5. so good I would love to get an EP full of songs like these.
  6. Opening with coupure electrique instrumental followed by gimme more and ending with make me
  7. The real question is why private mess is on the album sounds like a demo from original doll or from 2002
  8. Yes and no but no maybes what kind of celestial vocals on invitation
  9. What is no seas cortes? Lolz
  10. Ok i'm shook... come thru queen coupure éléctrique's instrumental is dope but her french though, very cringy... (I speak french) The song would've been better if she sang in English
  11. Shit im excited but im kinda pissed that it leaked
  12. The last make me ooohhh the song the verses the melody SLAY ME IM ready for Jeantonic aka b9
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