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  1. Amazing. I had tears in my eyes becos her voice takes me to places.
  2. It's amazing song but does feel a tad unfinished like
  3. OMG I love it. This is the kind of song the general public need to know Britney Spears is making in 2016. Damn! Only complaint is I feel Britney needs to record over that backing vocalists. She's far too much on it and it's not hidden well like bti has keri but it's more subtle.
  4. Ok I can't manage to download or rip for shit but managed to hear a few songs from this vimeo site thing. LOVE ME DOWN!!! Has to be the 2nd single. What a tune!! havent heard all the songs but WOW I love this bitches voice to much. I so get why ppl are comparing this to itz. It's got the ❤️ Itz has. Only heard from from the new leaks Slumber Party, Man on the Moon, Just like Me, Invitatuon and Love me Down! What else is missing that I shouldn't wait til Friday?
  5. Still no link for me too ive not heard a thing just reading this whole thred. love how universally it's loved by the fan base.

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