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  1. Amazing. I had tears in my eyes becos her voice takes me to places.
  2. It's amazing song but does feel a tad unfinished like
  3. OMG I love it. This is the kind of song the general public need to know Britney Spears is making in 2016. Damn! Only complaint is I feel Britney needs to record over that backing vocalists. She's far too much on it and it's not hidden well like bti has keri but it's more subtle.
  4. Ok I can't manage to download or rip for shit but managed to hear a few songs from this vimeo site thing. LOVE ME DOWN!!! Has to be the 2nd single. What a tune!! havent heard all the songs but WOW I love this bitches voice to much. I so get why ppl are comparing this to itz. It's got the ❤️ Itz has. Only heard from from the new leaks Slumber Party, Man on the Moon, Just like Me, Invitatuon and Love me Down! What else is missing that I shouldn't wait til Friday?
  5. Still no link for me too ive not heard a thing just reading this whole thred. love how universally it's loved by the fan base.
  6. I think the boots are fierce but don't suit her outfit. Lace body with black leather/Lycra boots would look better. The mesh and the lace clash.
  7. I get that vibe from him. I'm normally correct too.
  8. She's gonna be on stage in an hour? She needs to it show on stage. If anything her lips are too nude but who cares that's in style now.
  9. Lol did she take her long drape thing off to show off her legs? Both looks are amazing.
  10. Omg I love that. Her hair looks the best it ever has. Back to being trendyhairney!!! And that's the best red carpet outfit in ages too. A proper pop queen.
  11. Oh damn I have E! And 4 music. Damn could have watched it on a large screen but have work tomorrow. Gonna go sky plus the shit out tho.

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