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  1. I really hope she does this more. It's so refreshing. Good looks, B.
  2. Can't get enough.. even though that other bg singer comes in towards the end. I wish it was a single.
  3. This album should be taught in schools worldwide tbh.
  4. Someone PM the eff out of me toooooo... ugh, feel so much FOMO for taking a nap -____-
  5. G-Eazy: Yeah, Eazy I don't care if it's a random person or the biggest star // Out in vegas or in little bars, really not a difference if it's near or far // Listen, here we are, need you // I've always wanted what was off limits // Staring at you till I'm _______ // Back and forth like this is all tennis // I'm all jealous, you came with someone // but we could tell that there's change coming // See I could tell that youre a dangerous woman // That means you're speaking my language, come on // Now follow me, let's go // like penelope and blow _____________ is a felony, yeah I know // Th
  6. I have an android phone :(( What do I do?!
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