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  1. Eww why the fuck was she still talking to Adnan and Sam at the end of 2009?? Fucking leeches this just tells me how impressionable Britney is/was and how manipulative they were. This conservatorship was a necessary evil in order to keep Britney on track and to prevent leeches like them to get back into her life. I'm not sure why people are so surprised about the stuff in these documents, this is stuff we've always known. Of course Britney doesn't like being under these restraints and it sucks, but to me it seems necessary so that 2007 doesn't happen again. Ultimately, Jamie is trying to protect his daughter.
  2. Sometimes I wonder how we got here, Britney and her story. The Britney that debuted in 1998 didn't have mental illness (that we know of?) but developed it because of circumstances and situations that happened later in life. She didn't sign up for all this to happen to her, her talent and drive made her into a star and yes, stardom comes with a price but not like to the extent to which she has had to deal with, at least to a very few, maybe in a generation. Who is at 'fault' here? The media? The fans? Why was Britney chosen to be the media's punching bag of sorts? What is it about her? It feels like we have failed her and owe her an apology. Idk just my random thoughts here. I just want her to be okay and happy.
  3. Of course her looks are changing, she's getting older. The plumping of the upper lip and the fact that she's older and has deep smile lines now makes her smile look different.
  4. Oh yeah I forgot about the lips lol but I'm pretty sure those are fillers that dissolve 🤷‍♂️
  5. What plastic surgery? Other than the nose job, she just looks like she's not aging well.
  6. We don't know the status of Britney's mental health though, we don't know how much she's progressed so who are we to think that she's ready to live without the restraints of the conservatorship? Maybe it's still in place in order to protect her so that 2007 doesn't happen all over again. There's a lot we don't know.
  7. So the general consensus here is that Britney's father and her handlers Larry and co are evil and don't have Britney's best interests at heart?
  8. Omg if only she did when u found you or i run away, that would be truly shocking and give the motherfuckers something to talk about
  9. I'm still convinced that You oughta know was live She never lipsynchs this good^
  10. She sounds great for being out of practice. She could always improve though for sure, she just needs to be consistent. There were a few rough bits, but overall I was impressed, especially at how she sustained the big notes
  11. Damn, Jamie Lynn has a really good voice! I had no idea.
  12. omg could you imagine??? I WOULD DIE Bring this one back, brinty!!11!
  13. This might be the beginning of something big y'all. The confidence is back. Bitch is woke and giving no fucks. Britney got her groove back y'all. She's coming for blood again, I can feel it.
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