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  1. Denying is one of my all time faves along with Something Kinda Funny and Last Time Lover. I love their r&b tinged songs. Spice and Spiceworld are two of the best pop albums of all time.
  2. This is quintessential Spice Girls. Everything about this concert is perfection. Their peak, they will never top this, etc imo. And what I like about it is it's so simple, no real gimmicks, just them and their charisma. This is why no other girl band will ever
  3. On a happier note, Mel B seems to confirm/imply Australia and possibly Asia then the US
  4. That's probably exactly what it is. She pretty much admitted it when she said this quote: "And I'm sure when I'm there and they are on stage, there will be a part of me that feels a bit left out. Because even after all this, a part of me will always be a Spice Girl." I can understand her logic, but it makes her look bad for not attending after she said multiple times that she was going to (and with her kids) and she ultimately let down the other girls again.
  5. Maybe so, but she can't be upset they went on tour without her when she herself didn't want to either. Victoria has been the holdout for the longest time and that has stopped the rest from continuing to do things because they want her to be involved, but at some point they also had to move on. I know Victoria is proud of her past and she isn't comfortable performing anymore and has a new life and career and yada yada, but sometimes I don't think she realizes how much the Spice Girls means to the public and to the fans by the way she comes across in some of the quotes she's made in the past. She'll say things like, "yeah the Spice girls, that was great, but this is what I do now" it comes across as dismissive and arrogant. Obviously, she can't just drop everything she's doing every time they call and at the end of the day, she has to do what's best for herself so...🤷‍♂️
  6. Mel B talks about being disappointed that Victoria didn't show up for the shows.
  7. Yeah she probably didn't want to see it because she may get a bit of a sense of guilt knowing she should be up there, she was a part of that. So it was probably better that she didn't see it at all.
  8. And only two albums as a five piece. They didn't last for very long, yet they are the best selling/most successful female band of all time. They are more than just a pop act, they defined a generation. And here we are all these years later still wanting more. ❤ True Queens 👑
  9. Im surprised Adele had such a shitty seat at the show 😄 she was way up in the nose bleeds.
  10. I could have sworn I read that Geri wore it first, but with JLo's higher profile, she made it famous.
  11. They're well aware how pissed the fans got for not releasing the rotsg tour and now they're doing it again smh
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