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  1. Omg if only she did when u found you or i run away, that would be truly shocking and give the motherfuckers something to talk about
  2. I'm still convinced that You oughta know was live She never lipsynchs this good^
  3. She sounds great for being out of practice. She could always improve though for sure, she just needs to be consistent. There were a few rough bits, but overall I was impressed, especially at how she sustained the big notes
  4. Damn, Jamie Lynn has a really good voice! I had no idea.
  5. The Queen has kept her word
  6. omg could you imagine??? I WOULD DIE Bring this one back, brinty!!11!
  7. This might be the beginning of something big y'all. The confidence is back. Bitch is woke and giving no fucks. Britney got her groove back y'all. She's coming for blood again, I can feel it.
  8. "It feels kind of illegal doing this with this mic in my hand right now, it feels so weird..." TROLLNEY! yas give em something to talk about, bitch! GIVE NO FUCKS!
  9. she sounds like this little bitch right here
  10. runaway

    NEWS Britney SLAYS Happy Birthday LIVE

    Omg open arms can u imagine if she did that now?? She's absolutely capable It would be the death of me
  11. runaway


    It's so fucking good, one of the best on the album wtf i can't