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  1. I'm obsessed with slumber Party
  2. someone pm me with the reupload link
  3. In a few minutes Im going to have the full album in mp3
  4. I posted the info in this thread
  5. Well we'll have to wait and see if it's real but I believe.
  6. The guy who told us about the video was also a newbie. This guy for me seems legit and I usually don't believe this things.
  7. Tracklist: 01. “INVITATION” 02. “SMOOTH TALKING” 03. “MAKE ME (OOOH)” FEAT. G-EAZY 04. “PRIVATE SHOW” 05. “TRICK OR TREAT” FEAT. MISSY ELLIOTT 06. “CLUMSY” 07. “CONSUME YOU” 08. “HEARTBEAT” FEAT. TY DOLLA $IGN 09. “SLUMBER PARTY” 10. “JUST LIKE ME” 11. “BODIES TAKE CONTROL” 12. “LIAR” 13. “PUZZLE” 14. “MAN ON THE MOON” + “Make Me (Oooh)” is a r&b/trap house song, and will be released on July 15 along with the album pre-order. It has some similarities with the songs below (especially the first one, the second is just the chorus): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvPT2QuCIOA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHSFTrcJYmM The dancer snippet!! It's not "please just take me home", it's "we do it, stay in my zone, man". Seems legit, I believe

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