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  1. We knew about her talking to Adnan and Sam though. There was a whole trial post- Circus tour, I think it was a restraining order one, where the direct texts came out.
  2. So most of this are documents that have already been public?
  3. For context though, that’s her appeal to the conservatorship. The docs are dated 5/1/2008
  4. Those links are only going to two specific dates. Is the timeline something they added on in addition to the links?
  5. Yea I think it’ll be a while but I wouldn’t say she’s totally out of the game. If what TMZ is reporting is true, this didn’t come about because of her career/work. Also the noise that social media has caused is skewing the perception of what’s going on. Of course, I support whatever she decides once this has passed.
  6. Hmmm at the same time this conflicts with some accounts of the voicemail that incited this whole thing. Also some of what’s being claimed is strange. The rehearsal clips that we saw didn’t seem to be of someone in intense psychological distress and impairment. At at the same time there’s like 4 different narratives out there, but the one thing we do know is that Britney is going through a trying time. I just hope the best for her and that she finds the strength to push through.
  7. something is fishy to me about these “emails”. especially if they’re getting it from Sam.
  8. She founded TriStar which does dome business for Britney. I think more so around touring but apparently one of her assistants, Robin, is from TriStar.
  9. That unreleased photo they’re claiming is weeks before the conservatorship was put in place....she’s blonde in. Didn’t she have black hair?
  10. I also saw a post about a group of people planning to confront some people on her team that are going to be at Coachella....
  11. Lol how long till they start commenting on directors of yore?
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