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  1. This is like so deliciously calculated.
  2. LOVING THIS! Maybe not as much as the general consensus here, but it's awesome hearing this from her.
  3. drop a gurl the best quality we have plz edit: got it!
  4. Can't wait to spam this album on Facebook officially tomorrow!
  5. I know there's a topic, but fuck I really want a tour for this album. No Vegas prop re-hashes. An all new show, with new production, stage, dancing, and story.
  6. Re: slumber party you might be hearing "hotline bling"?
  7. There is no solid truth, which is why Glory slays.
  8. Also the non-stans fave was Clumsy...so....
  9. Yes or no but no maybes aint gonna beg, so don't make me FUCK DA HATERS
  10. Maybe their target savings idea with the album shoot/MM reshoot will give us a decent 2nd vid.
  11. Fair weather stans won't get the importance I think.
  12. I just mentioned the album to two non stans and they were like "I don't get the hype. I listen to Britney for bops." GET OUT FAT!!!!!
  13. i think he was referring to r&b/chill mood.
  14. The replay value of this album though. I need to stop but I can't.
  15. One look at him and I see candy coated heart shapesssss
  16. I just noticed the bridge in MOTM also has French.
  17. The sheer caliber of this album is just. So. FUCKING. IMMENSE.
  18. I can't get over the "Slumber Party" pre chorus.

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