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  1. What in the actual fuck is actually happening?!?! Protest?!?!? How is this real life? I haven’t been Paying much attention to this. How has is this gotten so out of hand?! People are psycho. Whatever she’s actually going through, I feel like all this media attention is making it a million times worse for her.
  2. Oooooh I thought it was recent and was about to have a heart attack. Still pretty troubling either way
  3. This all makes me sick. Who can she trust, who can WE trust. Will we ever know the truth, do I ever even want to know the truth?! I can’t 😞
  4. there's a certain level of quality ive come to expect from Ariana, and well....lets just say, At least she sounds great.
  5. so this is literally just her tour set?.... and is there a reason she has no lights?? its dark as fuck. cant even see her.
  6. I think it's a one time deal. Maybe she'll do somethjng else live once or twice before the residency ends but I'm not holding my breath for it every show. Regardless, this has revived my love for her for the rest of eternity. Not that I haven't been fully in love the past 19 years but yall know what I mean.
  7. im still in awe even after watching it for the 30th time
  8. HOLY FUCK at the full thing. she's like belting it so effortlessly and with such confidence. i cant at this random ass Saturday being the best live vocal of her entire career!!!?!?!!! it's kind of incredible. she's so unpredictable!
  9. imagine her pitching this idea. "Larry, i want to sing live tonight. can we get handheld mic?"
  10. i'm fucking losing it!!! this is insane. yes GODNEY!!! i cant imagine witnessing this live. all those people are so fucking lucky!!!
  11. that speech!!!! so she's fully aware her mic isint actually on. dis bitch!!
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