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  1. Keeping the whole Spears family in my thoughts.
  2. According to goldsoundz, Britney recorded the complete main vocal, but never got around to doing the ad-libs so those are the writer. I'm not sure if this includes the "heeeeey yeahs" at the end because those are perfect.
  3. Y'all, she recorded this shortly after Pretty Girls in 2015. She could've recorded the rest of the album after and paid dust to Mood Ring. Let's not turn this into another "how could her team???" despite me being an active member of that community.
  4. Tell me I'm not the only one who hears I've Had The Time Of My Life in the prechorus of Hard To Forget Ya.
  5. It'd be my welcome mat, lock screen, facebook profile picture, and car wrap tbh.
  6. get you a girl who can do both.
  7. I need one of y'all to send me Man On The Moon because my file won't play on my phone and it's killing me.
  8. Also, fuck Vegas. I need a GLORIOUS WORLD TOUR by Britney Spears.
  9. Invitation might actually be my favorite right now. It's the best opener she's ever had. It sucks you right into the mood of this album so well. God, this is perfect.
  10. I keep thinking how this album deserved a David LaChapelle shoot.
  11. I need everyone's opinions on this gd album. Everyone.
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