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  1. Jesus. That protest looks like a group of 15 delusional stans with nothing better to do.
  2. The amount of times they said “We don’t know anything” in that three-minute clip is so telling.
  3. Yes, of course we’re looking into it. But that’s all there is to it right now.
  4. False. We have not been able to corroborate any of the details and would never publish mindless speculation about someone’s mental health.
  5. Not at all. Maybe I only know this because I work in the industry, but it is not even slightly out of the ordinary for journalists to get eyewitness information without any photos or videos, especially when it comes to celebrities. I can’t tell you how many stories a week are published by People magazine, Us Weekly, TMZ and other major celebrity outlets based solely on sightings, whether fans tweeted about it and a publication picked it up/reached out for more details or those fans directly contacted a publication themselves with information. For example, if someone see
  6. Lynne likes almost every comment on her Instagram. Don’t think into it too much.
  7. Wait, so I’m listening to the podcast now just to hear what all the hubbub is about. The voicemail from the “source” is not only disgusting but insanely fishy. Could there be more to this story? Sure. But as for this “source,” I don’t believe him for a second.
  8. Y'all. I watched the video first thing this morning and figured I'd wait a bit to compose myself and post my thoughts... 13 hours later and I'm still speechless. I can't stop watching. I'm so happy. Vocal queen, etc.
  9. Can someone PM me the iTunes file? I don't understand why we can't post a download link for a song that none of us have access to unless we travel thousands of miles to Japan. It's not like it's the album. We're all sharing it privately anyway.
  10. Yeah, I was hoping they'd ship it today too.
  11. Just finished my first listen. "Slumber Party" is easily my favorite, but overall, it's a really great album. Her vocals haven't been this impressive since ITZ, and the attitude/personality really shines through on so many songs. The man screaming STEVE on "If I'm Dancing" ruined the song for me tbh.
  13. I'm not sitting around waiting for these fucks. I have shit to do today. *album leaks two minutes after I step outside*
  14. I'm still mad DYWCO is a different track number on the CD.
  15. I am embarrassed for us as a fanbase. How has this not leaked yet?
  16. The second this leaks, I expect a PM.
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