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  1. Amanda has spoken open and candidly about her problems (ie the Paper interview), and she's kept a low profile since the conservatorship rather than being taken advantage of (like what's being accused with Britney). Also fairly certain Amanda went to a facility on her own this time around after the attention from the Paper interview got to be too much.
  2. Y'all, my mom just asked me "Matt, what's going on with Britney?!" It's officially out of control.
  3. I just can't with Wendy's audience
  4. I'm listening now and this is pretty wild. I believe it
  5. She's always had terrible stage presence with little to no personality, so this doesn't surprise me in the slightest
  6. Now can we PLEASE get her to sing one of her OWN songs live now? Like fuckin Lucky
  7. Not to be all morbid, but uh....yes. Her Aunt Sandra died of cancer in 2007
  8. Matt Stopera ON IT https://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/a-live-vocalist-who-also-celebrates-birthdays-we-stan?utm_term=.am0XLJ2gK6#.ccR42BnLDg
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