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  1. She had a massive smile on her face? And we know she doesn't like her smile so that's quite a reaction from her. Just because she didn't hold out her mic doesn't mean she was negative
  2. This is absolutely massive They can't not bring this to the US
  3. Thanos is shaking. Captain Marvel is cancelled
  4. Amanda has spoken open and candidly about her problems (ie the Paper interview), and she's kept a low profile since the conservatorship rather than being taken advantage of (like what's being accused with Britney). Also fairly certain Amanda went to a facility on her own this time around after the attention from the Paper interview got to be too much.
  5. Y'all, my mom just asked me "Matt, what's going on with Britney?!" It's officially out of control.
  6. I'm listening now and this is pretty wild. I believe it
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