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  1. Umm those emails are not from Britney 😂
  2. This is so incredible. To see her strutting around that stage and singing live is just too much! Her voice sounds so strong
  3. Ummm she sounds fucking amazing! Her voice is so strong omg
  4. My laptop crashed a few weeks back. Is there any HQ link I can use for my phone?
  5. Hopefully that law will never change.
  6. I just noticed the faint "make me ooohh" in the background from time to time... especially right before "Baby 'cause you're the spark" line
  7. I thought the same thing the first time I heard it!
  8. I listened on my ear buds and is anyone else hearing that little "blip" sound in the bg during the chorus? I can't really explain the noise but it repeats faintly in the background.
  9. And whoever said it sounds like How I Roll can gtfo
  10. Everyone should be off work today. It's basically a global holiday.
  11. It cleanses the body, soul, and mind

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