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  1. Nobodycares


    What a great album, It's rare when all songs are so good. There is no song that I don't like and will be skipping. My least favorite is No Place but I still won't skip it. My favorite are probably The Way It Was, Breathe, New Love, Passionate, Said I Love You, Chances, in no particular order.
  2. Nobodycares

    DNA world tour

    I've never been to their concert and they don't visit my country so I had to even tho I'm now broke af lol
  3. Nobodycares

    DNA world tour

    Since I still can't register to lipstickalley 😞 I can only write here. Who's going to their new DNA world tour? It's gonna be my first ever BSB concert so I went all in and bought the VIP M&G ticket (help i'm broke now 😂)
  4. Nobodycares


    First time trying to register there.
  5. Nobodycares


    Also does anybody know why I can’t register to lipstick? I tried 6 months ago and it hasn’t been approved.
  6. Nobodycares


    I know, tho some time ago I saw a tumblr blog who said they won’t post anything about nick, brian and KEVIN. I can’t remember their reasons why not Kevin.
  7. Nobodycares


    I’m from Poland.
  8. Nobodycares


    Hey, I hope I’m doing it right, if not then You can delete. I joined here because sadly for unknown reason I can’t join the other place. I’m fan of BSB for 22+ years, since I first heard Get Down when I was 6 years old. My favorite member was Nick and I still like him but now I also like Kevin and AJ. Never liked Howie (sorry howie girls) and well... Brian... I’m indiferent to him most of the time. I’ve never been to their concert, they’ve been in my country once in 2014 but I coulnd’t go which I really am sad about.