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  1. My bf is trying to win a meet and greet with them so if you guys could be angels and like & retweet this for me I’d forever be grateful!!
  2. Yeah that was my second thought, but I'm sure he's posted before when things have happened on the weekend. He usually banks on the crazy frothing at the mouth fans to share the story and I guess the hype is starting to fade now maybe? Who knows
  3. Do you think Britney's team reached out to Matt Stopera and asked that he didn't write an article about this monumental event because it also highlights the fact that she doesn't sing live the rest of the time? I just find it strange he hasn't done one of his usual articles about it yet, that's why I think this?
  4. I did a quick cut with a few of the videos mixed together cause some are better than others lol
  5. I've already played this more than the Make Me video omg
  6. DOWNLOAD LINK Britney Spears - Happy Birthday (2017).mp3
  7. Banging all over this topic
  8. I don't think we're allowed to post direct download links...
  9. I just had a listening party with my mum and she had a whole thesis about Britney's love life from listening to the album. I tweeted along so if anyone wants to read her thoughts you can just check the reply story to this tweet lol ? Honestly I have a whole new way of looking at the album and track listing now though tbh
  10. Incase anyone cares to read I wrote my train of thought as I listened to it lol
  11. Thanks!!! I read this entire thread and was like oh yeah I know where it will be *ran to media lounge looking for Jess Simpson* I usually have those turned off though but yaaaaas!!! thank you so much guys
  13. I've been checking all day ???
  14. If the demolishing scene is still in the video they should do a VMA performance and recreate it ???????
  15. What a way to wake up ????????????????????
  16. I'd seriously consider her damn safety if her name, or even her vocals are on this next album cause you know what some fans are like... I've always found it strange that the whole Britney Jean bullshit never made it to the press, like we could have had a milli vanilli kind of 'exposure' but all that happened was the Alien recording leaked and everyone chatted about how Brit couldn't sing lmfao
  17. Lmfao it's a meme, not serious, get some air
  18. Damn Daniel, back at it again with the fake release dates ?

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