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  1. I just had a listening party with my mum and she had a whole thesis about Britney's love life from listening to the album. I tweeted along so if anyone wants to read her thoughts you can just check the reply story to this tweet lol ? Honestly I have a whole new way of looking at the album and track listing now though tbh 


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  2. Incase anyone cares to read I wrote my train of thought as I listened to it lol 



    Invitation - kind of Selena gomezy, vocals are cool. Bridge is good. 


    Man On The Moon - the kind of tropical beat in the background is everything. Love this. Omggg. Such a summer song. Can't make out the bridge tho ? 


    Just Luv Me - tune sounds similar but can't put my finger on it. Verses are stellar. Pre chorus is lush. 


    Slumber Party - these vocals though, slay mama. Oh shiiiiiit this is what I need from her. Tropical smash. Hotline bling teas. This is a tune. 


    Just Like Me - damn this chorus is fire. The guitar bridge is life. Clicking yaaaas. WHAT ARE THESE VOCALS THO.  


    Love Me Down - oh shit. This is it right here. ??????? what kind of perfection. 


    Hard To Forget Ya - the bass is itttttt. Oh my god this reminds me of early 2000's dance music for some reason? POKERFACE. LOL. It's just so hard to forget ya lines are so good. My fav part tbf. 


    What You Need - SHE IS SERVING VOCALS ON A PLATTER FOR US. Sounds like is building to something? The bridge is cute yaaaaas. YEYEEYEYEYEYEYAAAAAH flawless. OOOOOH OHOHOHOHHH. I GOTCHUUUUUUU OMGGGGGG. BABY I GOT WHATCHUUUUU. What a cute track to finish the standard album. Great album closer. 


    Better - sounds very Justin bieber imo, not a bad thing. Very current. Clicking is like same old love. Is this JB meets selly G. Not a bad track. BRIDGE REMINDS ME OF YHE SKINS THEME TUNE OMHGGG CUTE. 


    Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) - her vocals are on it. Feels like early 2000's jlo? Oh shit this chorus. The beat kicking in on the second verse gives me so much life. Can see myself dancing to this lol. The steel drums make my pussy weak. 


    Liar - oh shit this isn't what I thought it would be like. It's big and dramatic. Reminds me of faith hill for some strange crazy reason lmfao. Such a different style for B. Verse 2 sounds very backwaterish (lmfao what tho). Oh shit the end. 


    If I’m Dancing - oh my god. This. Is. It. This sounds so good. How can you even describe this. Run this world teas? IF IM DARNCING? Ello britishney? Shaking my ass to this in bed lol. DID YOU GET THAT? 



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  3. 4 minutes ago, Jay said:


    You don't like In This Skin?


    3 minutes ago, Daviddd said:

    check the post above you. it's t h e r e.

    Thanks!!! I read this entire thread and was like oh yeah I know where it will be *ran to media lounge looking for Jess Simpson* I usually have those turned off though but yaaaaas!!! thank you so much guys

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  4. I'd seriously consider her damn safety if her name, or even her vocals are on this next album cause you know what some fans are like...


    I've always found it strange that the whole Britney Jean bullshit never made it to the press, like we could have had a milli vanilli kind of 'exposure' but all that happened was the Alien recording leaked and everyone chatted about how Brit couldn't sing lmfao

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  5. 28 minutes ago, Daniel said:

    What r u talking about? I only revealed the WB release date (like 2 days before the countdown went up) and i was actually correct. And thats the only date ive ever talked about. This time around i just said my opinion on new single release date. And i was pretty clear about that. I never said any lies on BMK. I only played with exhalers on twitter

    Lmfao it's a meme, not serious, get some air


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