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  1. Hopefully victoria joins them in the future, although with how perfect this leg of the tour was, if she doesnt join its her lost and not the girls/ours
  2. People are going in on victoria s Instagram for missing a wembley date when She said she would be there to show support on many interviews. Also so happy to see all saints members going and having a good time
  3. the Spice girls are everything to me, even before momney came into the picture i was always listening to their songs, i spent a lot of time translating the lyrics to know what they were singing, to find the words “aint” or “gotta” on the dictionary, they taught me english, to accept and love myself and see life in a positive way, I’m so happy to see them happy with their families and spreading their message that goes beyond the “girl power” they will always have a special place in my heart
  4. Im not here for Ariana tbh but she kept her mouth shut about it until one of the grammy producer told the press she wasnt going to perform because she didnt have the time to put out a performance and i guess she felt her work ethic was questioned and needed to defend herself
  5. that e5 note, grammys are being shipped to singapore
  6. japan booklet lyrics https://jeffviens.smugmug.com/My-First-Gallery/i-PtXBJQ7/A
  7. i know you re trying to be educated, i know that you wanna treat me right, but dont be polite
  8. i heard he can still keep going after he finishes
  9. when Just Luv Me ends and Clumsy begins
  10. me drowning in britney haters tears
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