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  1. A little exaggerated I'm sure. I think Britney suffers from mental illness. Her team is doing the best they can to manage the situation. Of course her kids are a great incentive, certainly, however I'm sure it was presented to her more as if that if she did not care for her well-being it may result in the loss of her children. That's gives some perspective and insight to someone that may be reckless and irrational. The tour is in place to a certain degree to provide her with structure I believe to an otherwise potentially unstable person that can easily attain an unstructured lifestyle due to her status. That works out too for her employers and brand. Her family involvement is also integral to all this including being just a general support system too. I doubt they are "evil" as they are being painted.
  2. LMFAO!!!! ah ... coming to this forum sometimes during the day is like .... idk 💃
  3. i gotcha what you want I gotcha what chu need
  4. my baby gonna luv me down like
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