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  1. There's no double standard. Britney and Ariana should not be compared in any way.
  2. I didn’t realize it wasn’t allowed to dislike Ariana on this forum. Y’all need to stop. She’s not that great.
  3. Y’all literally need to get your heads out of your asses and realize that people ARE allowed to not like the other pop girls out there.. or anyone for that matter. Just because Ariana is a brat doesn’t have anything to do with Britney. if Miley or Demi were on top, I’d be perfectly fine because they seem like actually great people. Ariana is insufferable. But y’all are always trying to bring Britney down or compare her to someone every single time.
  4. Britney was never “bratty”, she was always humble and down to earth. Ariana’s shown to be the complete opposite of that. Comparing them is ridiculous
  5. The two situations are nothing alike. And Rihanna wasn’t going on and on about it afterwards either.
  6. Y’all this is not an Ariana Grande forum. This girl is pretentious as shit. It’s the GRAMMYS. Yes do they suck most of the time? Sure. But you’re not better than them. She’s been insufferable for a while now. You are not the he greatest thing on planet earth.
  7. As if the Grammys will be any better/worse without her. She shouldn’t flatter herself.
  8. and she clearly shines with her low voice, instead of the high/baby thing
  9. It's amazing how far her Confidence has come back
  10. Her lower register has always sounded great imo, way better than her higher register. I guess we can throw out the idea that she hasn't sung live bc she was insecure about it lol
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    @Aaron sent me a link but its not working now thanks for trying boo... can someone PM me a new link?
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    Can someone send me a PM pretty please?