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  1. is that tweet supposed to be snarky?
  2. Let love lead the way is iconic and everyone will deal
  3. It sounds like a change of medication can happen at anytime, to anyone. What does this have to do with her retiring? Assuming they found the right mix of meds like they had done before, then she's back to "normal" (all things considered)
  4. Yeah, things didn't really seem to take a turn until January. She was still posting rehearsal clips, insta videos, photos on socials until then.
  5. This is literally out of control. Again, we have no proof of ANY OF THIS
  6. I mean, Britney's situation is complicated nonetheless. It's not like they can just put out a press release. They and Britney have kept her medical illnesses mostly private all these years, so it's not like they're just gonna jump out and lay it all out quickly.
  7. not fans actually defending sam lutfi...
  8. I mean, I do think it's odd that these girls are now going on TV, doing merch, and that one girls fake crying was just too much. Either way, the way this is blowing up, her team is going to have to respond somehow. But I think it's very telling though that these girls were supposedly able to dig up all this info~~~ yet people like Nick, who work at places like US Weekly with SO many sources, say there is still nothing credible (up to this point) about this story. Also yeah, if Britney was truly in trouble, wouldn't Jamie Lynn or Lynne do something besides just posting or liking stuff on social media?
  9. You're being just as extreme the other way. There's a way to look at this through a rational lense yet most of y'all are literally jumping to the worst possible conclusions based 90% on a fucking podcast.
  10. Honestly, many people in here should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating this nonsense
  11. Out of control? How do you know it’s out of control? That’s the point. We literally know nothing. All could be well, all could not be well. It doesn’t help anyone, especially Britney, to do all of this speculating that could be completely baseless
  12. Also, if she was locked up against her will why was she just out and getting her hair done? At the end of the day none of this is confirmed and it IS gross to speculate and all this stuff. Im not sure why more people are not taking what these girls are saying as a grain of salt. They are nobodies, have no sources, and stand to gain a lot from sensationalizing all of Britney’s life.
  13. There's no double standard. Britney and Ariana should not be compared in any way.
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