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  1. Regardless of what your intentions were, it does come across as petty given how uninformed and misguided a lot of us were at that time. You also have a history of coming at things with a petty, sometimes aggressive, energy (ie, your gross nickname for Jamie Lynn) and ignoring us when we ask you to stop. So you can't be too shocked that most of us see this as an act of pettiness or aggression 🤷‍♂️
  2. Queen of singing one song live and making headlines
  3. If she just started doing random covers every night I would literally DIE. Imagine a cover of "Bitch" next. We all know how much she loves that song.
  4. Alright all you other "queens" and "princesses" of pop...
  5. I was with my mom when this was first posted and she thought I had gone crazy
  6. Grammy's 2018, I see you girl
  7. I think I've done almost everything more times than I've watched that abomination.
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