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  1. Queen of singing one song live and making headlines
  2. If she just started doing random covers every night I would literally DIE. Imagine a cover of "Bitch" next. We all know how much she loves that song.
  3. Alright all you other "queens" and "princesses" of pop...
  4. I was with my mom when this was first posted and she thought I had gone crazy
  5. Grammy's 2018, I see you girl
  6. I think I've done almost everything more times than I've watched that abomination.
  7. But for real...anytime she does a ballad, there is NO reason why she can't sing it live. Come on girl, you sound amazing!
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a completely made up guy she used as an excuse to sing live
  9. Oh my god!!! OH MY GOD!!! She fucking SLAYED that. Busting her ass off AND singing
  10. a.) What the fuck happened to this thread? b.) Nothing will ever make me not love Work Bitch. It's perfection and that's that.
  11. Yep. Basically. Clumsy even sounds like a Japanese bonus track. THIS SONG, however, sounds like a single.
  12. Oh I see you Larry, insisting Clumsy be on the standard version but paying Mood Ring dust. But don't worry, I'm cool with it...
  13. Oh my god even the standee has the "hits songs" typo in it Team Britney, always slaying it...
  14. I'm loving all of these "If I'm Dancing" videos I want MOAR!
  15. I didn't...but now I do
  16. I'm glad to have amused you! It's honestly what I envision when I hear that part.
  17. Let's steer the conversation away from Lemonade and back to how amazing Glory is. I'm seriously obsessed with how the intro and outra of Liar literally goes from... ...to.... ...and it fucking works so well!
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