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  1. Bumping this is soo extra… although I do hate that some members had their posts deleted. It’s very sus.
  2. Adele fill in for posh on the tour. Seriously though I'm shocked Victoria didn't go since she performed with Melanie and Emma on stage sometimes.
  3. She was the one so passionate about it in all the interviews. She was saying she wanted to show her kids that mummy was a spice girl. She was definitely present and there at the tour in 2007.
  4. If posh was invested like she was during the last tour it would have been great.
  5. yea thats what I meant. Thats crazy that they may be only time all 5 will ever be together in the US.
  6. I just realized now that they only ever performed as a 5 piece in the US during the reunion tour in 2007. That's crazy.
  7. Looks great. I'm guessing Geri will do posh parts in holler and let love lead the way.
  8. It can be monitored I guess and she can have some freedom. She didn't always post on Instagram
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