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  1. I mean I nerve was a huge fan of her personality. Same as Taylor. Their music is amazing and top notch. I just don't care for them personally. It is what it is.
  2. Why can't we like music but dislike her tho?
  3. Taylor was always going to be snubbed once she went full pop star imo. She won when she was praised more for singer/songwriter not for her "reputation"
  4. She should redeem that horrible album with making a country soulful album with the same name. This way we all forget that mess
  5. I think more and more that some of her hits just aren't in the right range for her to sing live. She sounded flawless here.
  6. I can't stop watching. The confidence she exudes is more than we have gotten in years. Fuck anyone who ever says she can't sing.
  7. Omg!! I am practically in tears! She did that!! She sounds amazing. Her range and tone. Damn!! I actually wouldn't mind if she did a side countryesque album. God what an image make over if she kept doing this and did an album that showcased it. Omg. I can't even!! So excited.
  8. She should sing happy birthday to someone in the audience every night.
  9. I love her deep vocals but what type of music would that fit best? What artist out now has a strong deep vocals? I'm honestly curious. I kind of feel it it would be hard to sing most of her hits cause they would have to be sung in a different key.
  10. So much for her not peaking. Christina missed her chance.
  11. Did Christina Aguilera push back her album? Cause she should.
  12. I've played this more than make me video.
  13. Add happy birthday to the sent list and replace another song.