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  1. It can be monitored I guess and she can have some freedom. She didn't always post on Instagram
  2. She had no rights. Wow. I can't believe that document
  3. Can we report these girls to somewhere. They caused so much damage.
  4. Not doing Vegas and doing some songs here and there would be good for me. She needs to be inspired on her own terms. I don't think anyone expects a full promo era. I do think she will never stop completely.
  5. I don't see why people keep thinking she will retire. She had anotber breakdown. She needs a long break but I don't think she will never come back to music.
  6. I don't even want to think about the people trying to see how she is doing when she gets out. It's going to be 2007 again cause of these stupid pod cast girls
  7. Is this 2007. Y'all stop going backwards
  8. This is way too far. It needs to stop.
  9. The girls literally ended their podcast saying to post and trend things online. Did I imagine that? They said to go all over with it. So yes they did promote this mess.
  10. Nah. They chose to not comment and have taken a break from their pod cast.
  11. This is messy and these girls are in danja.
  12. I mean he did take forever to get her fireworks ..
  13. Wait is this real. https://twitter.com/makeme_brit/status/1118217333636587523?s=21
  14. Didn't we find out that they can't force you into mental institution
  15. This is messy and won't help her at all. Leave Britney alone. Literally
  16. She doesn't owe anyone that. It's her private life.
  17. This thread makes me angry and sad.
  18. Now some of u think she has been "off" for ten years. Girl. Some eras sure she may have been distance. But girl did Vegas for 5 years. I can't with so much speculation about her mental health. Just let her be.
  19. Are these people just fans. Like what credentials do they have?
  20. His wife posted something about that too. Maybe no more tours for a while. But isn't he working on an album?
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