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  1. whoever said these girls are the 2019 version of a trashy tabloid which ultimately led to britney’s demise was right on point...
  2. these podcast girls now praising sam i-
  3. “fans” attacking jamie now. this is seriously disgusting you can basically scroll through the comments. they’re all the same. i hope these girls are happy. to be honest, i wouldn’t be surprised if britney decided to fully retire after she gets well.
  4. lol if you thought she was afraid of us, you haven't seen anything yet.
  5. lol but yet the one episode that gave their podcast notoriety three weeks ago was the one of them "breaking down" the conservatorship, alleging her co-conservator had stolen from britney based on the fact he had resigned and britney's team filed a court motion (that they couldn't read), that britney's family was being controlled and brain washed by a anti-lgbt, money and power hungry extremist religious woman that they know nothing about and a story put together from paparazzi pictures from 11 years ago and an mtv documentary vetted by her team that publicly aired and was made simply to change and shift public perception of britney 5 months after she was taken in an ambulance to a hospital, lost custody of her kids and was 5150'd. okayyy. this basically sums it up
  6. if you truly believe britney's life is the same now as it was 11 years ago a short few months after she was 5150'd and taken to a psych ward in an ambulance and lost full custody of her two children then you are a dumbass. i'm sorry. britney sweetie, you deserve better fans.
  7. i really HOPE britney and her family sue over libel and defamation
  8. This has gone too far. A couple of fucking obsessive (and extremely creepy) 20 year old girls with literally no legal experience, no insight, NOTHING, bought court documents and made serious allegations based on what they THINK the documents mean or what they THINK Britney filing a document (THAT THEY DIDN'T EVEN READ???????!!!!!) and Britney fans are now taking as facts and are so fucking bored with the state of Britney's career that have now propelled these conspiracy theories into the mainstream further deteriorating Britney's brand and public relations and driving the "Britney is crazy" idea to new levels in 20fucking19. Literally nobody fucking knows what is happening but for people to claim she's being held against her will at a mental facility is crossing the fucking line and is doing more damage than it is good. If Britney Spears was capable to be WITHOUT a fucking conservatorship the court, the judges and her fucking FAMILY would have ended this. I don't know when or how Britney's family became a villain to you guys once again but since a lot of you have the tendency to put blame on everyone around Britney to justify how mediocre things have gotten, I'm not surprised it's gotten this far. Some people on twitter (and here) seem to be under the impression that if Britney leaves this conservatorship she's suddenly going to start giving her career her all and will be 100% happy, engaged, "normal" and things will go back to the way they were LITERALLY 15 years ago...that's the sole fucking reason for this mentality and way of thinking. Stop posting For The Record clips to back up this claim that she hates her life and is so restricted and so sad. Use the same fucking energy you're using to find decade old clips and mysterious*~ voice mails on YouTube allegedly obtained by shady and disgraceful paparazzi websites that ultimately led Britney to her fall to find pictures of her ACTUALLY driving her car, ACTUALLY having a cell phone (HELLO CRINGE WORTHY INSTAGRAM AND SNAPCHAT POSTS THAT EVERYBODY HERE LOVES?????), ACTUALLY being happy with her family and children. It's a toxic narrative people love to push because the other alternative option to why things are the way they are points fingers to Britney herself either a) being fucking content with things, b) being in an actual good fucking place with her family and kids. Her mental state has nothing to do with it and her checking into a mental facility to treat troubles and struggles she might be having is commendable, not a reason to bombard her family with messages of hate when we have ABSOLUTELY ZERO fucking information on what's going on. The fact that things have gotten this far and this ALL stems from a fucking (SPONSORED!!) podcast ran by scary "fans" (who are now making merch for this) is disgusting. Go get fucking laid tonight and full on stop. Your intentions may be good based on what you BELIEVE is true, but you don't know what is true and all of these reports are truly fucking up with Britney's image even more, ESPECIALLY when reports and media coverage like this is what fucking drove Britney to the extreme in 2007 and unless Britney herself were to come back*~ with a more honest approach (she won't) and be open with the media (she won't) and completely change her image (she won't), this narrative is just hurting her. STOP BEING FUCKING CREEPY. Like, ENOUGH.
  9. lol??? freedom of the press....? britneys team can’t keep the press from reporting. i swear britney fans will believe ANYTHING
  10. Britney does not have a mental health conservatorship. She's in charge of her own health. Also, a hospital cannot hold anybody who refuses to be there. That's illegal. Conservatorships and Mental Institutions Under a Probate Conservatorship, the conservator may not place the conservatee into a locked mental institution against his or her will. However, under an Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (LPS) conservatorship, a person who has been found to be "gravely disabled" can be involuntarily committed to a mental institution. An LPS conservatorship must be initiated by the county government; it cannot be petitioned for by a spouse or relative.
  11. FYI - according to california law, a conservator cannot place a conservatee in a mental facility and/or rehab if they aren't willing - it would have to be approved by court. britney has rights. she isn't there against her will... stop listening to this god forsaken creepy ass intrusive podcast ran by OBSESSIVE and SCARY fans. it's messing with your brain and some of y'all are already weird as fuck as is.
  12. You build a legacy by putting out quality music people can relate to. It's why there are a few artists out there on the same level tier as Beyonce and Taylor from this generation. Most streams are going towards the "younger" generation (Taylor's turning 30 this year btw) or whatever flavor of the month soundcloud rapper. The music landscape has changed. Everyone's focused on putting out quick little hits to strike while the iron is hot instead of connecting with their audience on a deeper level musically. This is what the person who has the #1 song in the country just tweeted this week - Rihanna didn't become Rihanna until she stopped giving a shit about the charts and scoring as many #1s as she could. I understand you have to evolve with the music industry in order to survive, but people can stream a song all they want and not care about the artist. People on this forum discredit Camila even though Havana was streamed over 1 billion times. Someone who's willing to go out of their way and spend $12.99 on your album is more likely to devote their time, energy and passion towards your career than someone who's clicking on your song on an app they don't even pay for. That's why Ariana with all the hits she's racking up is doing venues with 15k people during her peak and Taylor and Beyonce are doing venues that hold 70k past theirs.
  13. i mean, madonna hasn't had a hit on the radio since what, 4 minutes in 2008? and before that it was what? music in 2000? she did stadiums in the states until the MDNA tour. the woman is 60. i don't think beyonce and taylor will be doing stadiums forever but their career approach is a lot smarter than say, billie eilish, who has billions of streams and is doing the fonda theater in los angeles while taylor and beyonce are doing the rose bowl stadium 2 nights in a row...
  14. IA. These girls can rack up all their quick little hits while Beyonce and Taylor rack up hundreds of millions on tour. You make zero money with streaming. There's a reason Beyonce and Taylor are on a different tier. They don't care about streaming charts and honestly? Taylor holding off her album for a week to secure 1 million+ in sales is a smart strategy especially when everyone else is being celebrated by selling 250k. You just can't compare.
  15. That entire family has a strange relationship with Jamie and sources close to her family told Bradley that she was having a lot of issues with her dad. Nobody but Britney stopped posting on insta or did anything differently after it was announced he was ill and from what he said it seems like Britney and her dad weren't on speaking terms so that excuse they gave about her going to a mental hospital because of Jamie doesn't add up for me AT ALL and Lynne liking this post I think kind of confirms that.
  16. no they were not lol. did you look at twitter last night? or even the comments on coachella's socials? i mean, i wasn't there so i don't know if the audience was (though judging by how dead they were throughout it doesn't seem like they were...) but she's being panned on social media left and right.
  17. thats what my friend said lol. i might just skip this altogether
  18. before last night i would have been so against this but honestly, if ariana can stand on that stage and do 20 slow songs no one knows with zero props and zero stage presence, britney can hairflip her away around her HITS and all the white millennials that have been rolling all day will eat it up. BRING IT ON

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