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  1. I feel so bad for her kids right now. I'm sure they were scared, regardless of what actually happened a couple months ago.
  2. @ErikI think Mario's comment was on Instagram
  3. I'm lowkey expecting a cheeky tweet or Instagram from "Britney" a'la "Radar Online can kiss my lilly white Louisiana ass" or whatever
  4. Definitely not, but it'll be interesting to see how they approach this and try to put out the fires.
  5. Her team is going to have to acknowledge this at some point.
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but wasn't the original 320 kbps? Why does everyone want the iTunes version?
  7. This song goes in the car
  8. Such an amazing beautiful song
  9. I can't wait to do this.
  10. I'm listening on SoundCloud.
  11. If you find a link, let me know
  12. I need a link I can listen to on my iPhone ?
  13. The "oh yeaaah" right before the chorus literally saved me
  14. The background vocals are so OIDIA and giving me life I need lyrics
  15. Ugh I'm starting to see them on FB. :rolleyes: MTE
  16. I'm sad she didn't do the Toxic breakdown, it's so epic
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