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  1. Good I hope she does, the majority of her fan base have done nothing but shit on her, she can’t dance, she’s so lazy, etc . She needs time away from the spotlight, this whole movement is just embarrassing just like the people with their own crazy theories. Fact of the matter is no one knows what truly is happening behind the scenes and most likely we never will. I wish her nothing but the very best.
  2. I have watched this so many times she sounded so good, I've had a smile on my face every time I've watched it! The first time I saw this I had chills and everything! Ugh I love her so much.
  3. I'm going to need receipts for those of you that have been asking for links that you actually bought the album I've been keeping tabs and for those that cannot show proof, they are getting punishment. Laura
  4. I never bought a copy I only purchased, work bitch and Alien.. and I'll listen to perfume everyone in a blue moon
  5. @ people actually owning a copy of Brotney Jones except for work bitch and Alien of course
  6. Just like me is soooo sooo soo good I feel like it's underrated
  7. Like don't be polite, courteous
  8. ThIs album is just fucking amazing it has soooo much personality, personally speaking I have to say it's up there with blackout and ITZ
  9. There's not one song (from the ones we haven't heard) that I've disliked, this album so far is just pop perfection
  10. I can't download because I only have my work laptop ?? worst day of my life I hate you all.
  11. Oh nice! Lake land? Or Lake Mary? I'm really bad with directions they're playing lucky right now this is amazing haha
  12. My radio station is playing Britney all day today, they are playing stronger now OMG I totally squealed in my office and my colleagues gave me the face
  13. Driving and it sounds incredible in my car ?
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