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  1. She still has me blocked ?
  2. Wait who said this? change your mind easily has the best chorus on the album.
  3. If the world still bought physical cd like japan... ?
  4. Amazon jp ships global https://www.amazon.co.jp/グローリー-ブリトニー・スピアーズ/dp/B01KI1ULVS/ref=ntt_mus_ep_dpi_1 Also japan is giving her great reviews on another listing of the album ?
  5. Come thru with that blonde tho.
  6. Yes that would have been flawless. ? Also why couldn't we get a 2 disc album. I'm pretty sure she recorded some more great tracks ?
  7. I knew it. Neg rep me again bitches.
  8. There is some myah marie type of fuckery going on with those vocals.
  9. Amazon shipped my copy!
  10. Buy one more tomorrow to be sure
  11. I hope your sale counts for the new week...
  12. Why ya'll make her look like a playstation 3 character.
  13. Here's one. I saw like 8 others being retweeted by someone but I don't see them now lol https://twitter.com/TeganZayneXXX/status/767314743640162304
  14. I had no idea Britney had so many stans that do porn ??????
  15. If it's track 2 it's probably DYWCO.
  16. Pretty Girls and Britney Jean and somewhat Femme Fatale era damaged her. She will have to play the long game with this one. She needs word of mouth and great reviews and a metacritic score of 90+ and more performances. Hopefully the VMA's help if she slays
  17. They can't even think of a good drag. I'm not bothering this time. it's mostly gagme stans tho since she has new music coming from what I've seen.
  18. omfg I hope she performs half of the album @ iheart radio festival
  19. I want Invitation+Man On The Moon at a awards show.
  20. I was supposed to go places too but canceled at the last second. I wouldn't have been able to function.
  21. I tried to go on atrl but I'm not a member but I keep seeing topics being made with Glory vs EMOTION, Glory vs 1989 , Glory vs ARTPOP, etc. lmao
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