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  1. If I remember correctly, there's a longer version of that video that shows they were just messing around I think she's saying "tired of being a bunny", referring to the filter (altho that's more like a mouse lol)
  2. As if Chris Crocker hadn’t done enough damage to our fandom’s name 🤦🏻‍♂️ What a joke...
  3. Exactly, it doesn’t even look like he was pulling her. He just grabbed her hand and she bumped into him
  4. The fact that some believe the emails “because of the sarcasm”... I just... No wonder this has gotten so out of control.
  5. How are those emails “believable”? I mean for all we know they could be real but they look like someone could’ve just made them in freaking Word. And the one allegedly from Britney is signed “love Jack”? What’s up with that?
  6. Sorry, I was responding to Jay who thought all this had started because of Bradley and T. Kyle. I was saying those two were not so bad. I certainly don’t care for the Britneygram girls and a lot of this mess is their fault for sure
  7. No, they were actually very positive and said they didn’t want to speculate on something they didn’t know anything concrete about. one thing they did say, well Bradley did, was that he’d heard from reliable sources that Britney and her dad with not in good terms. Or something like that. And people have been grasping at that like it was some absolute proof. In the next episode he even clarified that all he knows is they weren’t in great terms but nothing beyond that and that that doesn’t mean that she’s not sad about her dad’s condition. But the damage was done. Which is what is sup
  8. Ok yeah Mario, did say it on Instagram. The "hahaha" seems like such a strange way to react to that. Hopefully he'll say more
  9. oooh that makes sense! I was like "why does it look so different from my Twitter" lol I'm old 😞
  10. So I don’t really get twitter, sorry if this is a stupid question. But the guy posted this screenshot But Mario’s handle is MarioLopexExtra and he writes his name as “Mario Lopez” (not “mariolopez”). I searched and I don’t think he has another twitter account Is that normal? Did you check to see if Mario actually replied? I don’t see it in that thread
  11. @speakerbox coming in this thread with the receipts like
  12. Yeah, it tells me some Britney fans are fucking psychos. Of course she’s blocking people like that, who wouldn’t?
  13. Y’all always doing the most 🤦🏻‍♂️ Whatever keeps you entertained I guess
  14. I mean, Thank U, Next still has some amazing songs 🤷🏻‍♂️ Bloodline, Bad Idea, 7 Rings, BUWYG, Ghostin, TUN... and even Sweetener had its bops. Ariana has been releasing great pop songs for the past couple of years. You can’t take that away from her. But yes, stage presence has never been her forte. She can still outsing most of your faves tho
  15. Ooh, I wonder if they'll do a BUWYG/MMI medley. I'm fully expecting it will be the other 4 and JT will be a no show (and that's perfectly fine with me)
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