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  1. Not this already being 6pgs because she sang Happy Birthday live #lifeasabritneystan
  2. Im obssesed. It's all I've been listening to all day ? Easily one of the best things she's ever done. This can sit in a special vault along with And Then We Kiss and Strangest Love
  3. This sounds perfect after Just Luv Me. Can't believe Clumsy was chosen instead ?
  4. Another quality masterpiece by Britney that will go compelely unnoticed
  5. I wonder if this was recorded before Needed Me.
  6. The writer also mentioned this was Britney's favorite song. Karen, how did you let this happen?
  7. No seriously though... there needs to be an explanation to this injustice. This is single material. WTF
  8. Ugh fucking masterpiece I can't believe this was paid dust.
  9. I can't compete with the stars in the sky i'm invisible... invisible I open the window to clear up my mind But it's difficult... so difficult
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