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  1. Maybe if Ariana had invited IZ*ONE to perform she wouldn't have been torn to shreds!
  2. Y’all always wanting to draw the Britney parallel... somebody come fetch me a Brigitte Nielsen gif
  3. Maybe if Ariana did this the Grammys would have let her perform...
  4. What the fuck are you smoking? I literally said the Grammys are out of touch with reality
  5. It’s not like her performances are decade-defining cultural moments and the Grammys are kind of out of touch with reality so they both saved some time.
  6. The moment you realize you live in the same city as him... 💀
  7. You extract them from the source code.
  8. Yes, it was selling at about the same rhythm as the last leg of Piece of Me with zero promo. But y’all went and believed people who do podcasts with no research data whatsoever...
  9. I don't know. Her career wasn't really in jeopardy, I think the residency would have been just fine in the end.
  10. Girl... I don’t see how a ruptured colon can be a blessing to anyone involved
  11. I think the show will premiere next year. Nappy Tabs posted a few stories with the crew and talking about how this could be a chance to improve the spectacle. & I heard through someone things are pretty much finalized (structure-wise) and that Britney’s been happy with them as directors But what matters now is her father’s health, so who really knows.
  12. She never cancels shows, let alone an entire residency. I hope her father recovers from his condition.
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