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  1. Maybe if Ariana had invited IZ*ONE to perform she wouldn't have been torn to shreds!
  2. Y’all always wanting to draw the Britney parallel... somebody come fetch me a Brigitte Nielsen gif
  3. Maybe if Ariana did this the Grammys would have let her perform...
  4. What the fuck are you smoking? I literally said the Grammys are out of touch with reality
  5. It’s not like her performances are decade-defining cultural moments and the Grammys are kind of out of touch with reality so they both saved some time.
  6. Y'all came thru with the reps today. Thanks!
  7. Jacob has been her security team for years. He's listed in the BJ booklet in the thank you notes.
  8. Not Britney looking and sounding like her 16 year old self on the same night!
  9. This is why none of you deserved Glory.
  10. Did he just tell me I have an anal fissure?
  11. J'oublie le monde, quand tu faisFais moi l'amour, mon amour
  12. Ha track record is stained since the "they forgot to turn on her mic" thing tbh
  13. The adlibs at the end of the song. "My love is a moooooooooood ring", "Emotions, all these mood swings" are the only parts I think it's Melanie (the songwriter). The adlibs that follow those are Britney imo
  14. I was listening to it on repeat yesterday and actually reached that same conclusion.
  15. Ok but why do I think the final adlibs are actually her? it sounds different from Melanie just 2 seconds before.
  16. Is it the iTunes file? PM pls
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