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  1. That Jesus picture that Lynne posted is kind of reaching. Idk how religious Lynne is, but it *is* Holy Week, so that might be something to consider.
  2. Yeah, that was pretty underwhelming. My friend works at a radio station, so if he can score me free tickets, I’ll go. Otherwise, I won’t be devastated.
  3. In the original thread someone said he's close to some of her dancers.
  4. I am! I cannot wait to go out and buy it.
  5. Target didn't even have it in its weekly ad. I doubt there's a special edition.
  6. Did they announce it too close to the release date? It isn't in Target or Best Buy weekly ads.
  7. Few hours? lemme take a nap real quick.
  8. Jewel cover/collaboration confirmed.
  9. So basically they're trying to pass off all the ~reports we've already heard about (#B9 concert from Spain's Vogue, the JT thing from some tabloid) as exclusives. They're just adding a few details here and there to try and make it sound legit.
  10. It was just a rehash of 2007 shit, that they tried to spin as new revelations. ?
  11. Was it just the time or was there more stuff?
  12. #B9 is just gonna be a Britney Jean re-release, but with Britney singing Myah's parts, and with Pretty Girls tacked on at the end.
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