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  1. Olly Murs queening out to the show was fun to watch.
  2. Oooooh, I went back to read it and i see it now. 😂
  3. During their reunion tour it was all of them, but when they did the 1998 Spiceworld tour in the US, Geri had already left.
  4. She wasn’t part of the performance last tour, but last tour had all 5.
  5. That Jesus picture that Lynne posted is kind of reaching. Idk how religious Lynne is, but it *is* Holy Week, so that might be something to consider.
  6. Yeah, that was pretty underwhelming. My friend works at a radio station, so if he can score me free tickets, I’ll go. Otherwise, I won’t be devastated.
  7. Is there something more? Probably. I think the ticket sales explanation was kind of a stretch though. The Aerosmith and Cher residencies have way more open seats than Domination did for their opening nights. So, I don’t think that MGM would pull the plug for that.
  8. Damn, if he was initially hospitalized a couple of months ago and she was still rehearsing, I’m wondering if things took a turn for the worst.
  9. I was excited for Domination, but she definitely made the right choice. I hope he’s on his way to making a full recovery.
  10. I think part of it is because their last tour, for whatever reason, was cut short. There’s also the fact there was no culminating *thing* for closure, like a recording or something to commemorate that, not that it was something that was required. Also, I feel fans have begun to have a whole expectation about artists celebrating their milestone anniversaries in a big way for every major milestone of their career. (Example: People being upset that there was only a video from Britney’s team commerorating the release of BOMT, and not a whole promo campaign behind it.) They missed their 20th anniversary, but maybe fans still expected something and they’re clinging to this as it?
  11. In the original thread someone said he's close to some of her dancers.
  12. I am! I cannot wait to go out and buy it.
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