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  1. This embodies this entire fanbase and this movement so well. They hear but they're not really listening. Britney's sister is telling you that she will always be watching out for her, and that there's things we don't understand about this whole ordeal because we clearly don't know shit, but nope, we know better than her, her family, the people she trusts for her career, her boyfriend, her psychiatrist, her therapist, the judges, the lawyers, etc. This is all so invasive.
  2. All this talk about meds, we don't know what she's being given, or how much of it even. A lot of psychiatric meds are not exclusive to certain disorders. For example, my boyfriend suffers from a severe anxiety disorder that comes from repeated trauma, his meds not only target his anxiety but also his mood changes which are triggered by anxiety. So they gave him a small amount of stabilizers which are usually used to treat people with bipolar disorder while he is not diagnosed with it. In other moments he suffered from really bad panic attacks and was given meds to lower his impulses so th
  3. Did you see the pics they use in their Twitter? It reminds me of 2007 when they paps and blogs bought and used the most unflattering pics they could find.
  4. I've just seen a post on Twitter saying Sam lufti was "right" all along. All of this shit has gone too far.
  5. This thread and you're all off the fucking rails.
  6. The only ones that sound like brit are the "yeaaaahhh" towards the end, they're really tomh
  7. That's actually the only song that doesn't quite does it for me. :laugh: I still love it though.
  8. I did as well :covereyes: On my second listen of MOTM I got teary eyed. It's funny cause I've been meaning to get a tattoo related how us and our problems are absolutely insignificant when you think of the magnitud of the universe and this just basically repeated that. I'm def getting it now.
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