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  1. Reading the book now. Looks like quick read but seriously have no time to read. Still haven't seen the movie yet.
  2. I love how in the beginning she's like test, test, test. Can you guys hear me. This is for real. I'm singing live. This was so fucking good. She should do one cover song from now on.
  3. Sounds better compared to when she sang it on X Factor for L.A.
  4. This is the first thing I looked at in the Japan lyrics booklet and all it shows is the countdown and the words (NEED AD LIBS)
  5. My Japanese album came earlier today. The CD fold says in English: Still Glory Still Britney
  6. Excited to get my rest of my download tonight.
  7. I have a question, the physical release is not happening on Friday, right? It's just the Apple release?
  8. For some reason, this album seems special for me to not listen to the leak. I can wait until Friday or Thursday night.
  9. West Coast is replaying the entire thing over again. I get to relive it.
  10. She still has those two blonde guys as her dancers.
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