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  1. Yeah I don't think she's not allowed to drive. We've seen her drive multiple times since the conservatorship was put in place.
  2. Yeah I did think that but I'm sure there is another conservator beside her dad. So I assume he would either take over or have an appointee.
  3. I nearly almost made a post about her dad and the new show after seeing something Jamie Lynn put on her Instagram over the last month. I honestly didn't think it would happen. She made the right choice. She never cancels and it clearly shows that she will forever put her family first. I hope he makes a full recovery.
  4. I've never given out so many reps. This thread is amazing. I'm shook... I watched the full video on the first page. But had to keep scrolling the video back to listen to the speech. I was not prepared for the vocals.
  5. Oh god yes. But I loved that she sang along to the songs.
  6. This is literally the first time since POM commenced... it's a joke really. At least during FFT in the beginning she sang along to the tracks.
  7. Omg she sounds so good!!! Lucky singapore. Girl just sing.
  8. It needs to be acapella first. Then drop it at the beat!!
  9. I'm just gonna drop this in here We're not ready
  10. Hell yes. I downloaded this at work and drove home listening to it. Best drive home from work I've ever had!!
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