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  1. They need to release this as a Netflix concert documentary
  2. I’m not seeing in any of the linked documents information that lines up with that summary from Exhale or any real bombshells. However, they are troubling to read regardless.
  3. that last email kinda sounds legit - the 16 hour flight part refers to when they sent her to that rehab in Antigua right before she shaved her head I’m assuming
  4. I think many recent cases of injustice and abuse (for example... R. Kelly) have shown us that sometimes the law and courts are slow to act and don’t really pay attention until people who have experienced or witnessed these injustices go to the media. Not to say there’s definitely something here, but I think it’s kind of silly to ask why didn’t these girls call up the courthouse and file a report first. Their source or Andrew Wallet should have however, if what they’re saying is true.
  5. I almost feel a sense of guilt now for supporting Britney in recent years (the brand, not the person). It’s like we’re part of the problem, as rabid fans that’s will support anything that’s put out, even if her heart clearly isn’t in it. I don’t think Jamie/Larry are necessarily evil or trying to bring harm to her, but I do think what they think is best for her, is partially motivated by their own self interests. The conservator should be an impartial party that doesn’t benefit financially from her career. Also, if Britney is really as fragile as they claim (after 10 years), shoul
  6. I think some kind of statement from either Jamie Lynn or Lynne could put these rumors to rest. They don’t need to give details on the situation, but by staying completely silent they are in a way making the rumors appear credible...especially in light of the posts Lynne liked.
  7. I doubt they would invest in creating a new stadium production to do only 6 shows. I'm guessing they will end up doing the same amount they did for their last tour.
  8. Easily top 3 of the album, and should have been in consideration as the lead single
  9. What You Need vocals tho did she record this when she was on the Mickey Mouse Club!?
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