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  1. And for the people thinking that she hates being associated with the Spice Girls, let me show you this amazing promo video Just because she doesn't see herself being on stage anymore doesn't mean she hates her legacy
  2. Y'all are not going to drag Victoria, not on my watch
  3. Fingers crossed they will. It's a huge production and given that they're only doing 13 shows in the UK, they know that they could make twice as much if they decide to tour the world later this year or maybe next year. That could've been the reason why Victoria pulled off before finalising negotiations.
  4. They all look so good, except Mel B's face, which is debatable. but the costumes and everything looks so good, imagine if Victoria was actually up there too
  5. I had to look twice cause for a second I was like, what’s Debra Messing doing up there 😂😩 Geri is truly the queen of England and we have to stan. 😩😭
  6. These queens are going to kill it tonight 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  7. Don’t speak on behalf of anybody, especially if you’re going to say something as stupid as this. Britney Spears is probably going through another yet defining moment in her life and her family’s lives. We’re talking a fragile 37 years old woman who has been controlled her entire life by business men and that also comes from a troubled household and the few moments she’s been rebellious and free she’s gotten herself into the worst moments of her life. This fan base has caused a lot of damage already to Britney and her team, and as incompetent and manipulative they can “allegedly” be, that are t
  8. These girls are definitely not playing and they're doing a hell of a homework
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