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  1. To read this thread or the muller report? 🤔
  2. I saw this thread earlier & I thought britney fans were just being britney fans when it comes to 'live vocals' but wait...that was such a throwback Taken right back to '99 - I am, for lack of a better word, shook!
  3. I think it's strong & distinct enough to disregard any similarities, but that's like the only explanation for this
  4. Easily one of the standout tracks (not, lol) on the album If not the best... I only wish I could add it to the Apple Music playlist I share with my friends. Also someone needs to make a "Needed Me" mashup asap I only imagine that's the reason it isn't on the album - to avoid the inevitable comparisons
  5. I've just finished my first listen now, lol. My favorites are "Just Like Me", "Man On The Moon", "Just Luv Me", & "Make Me." All four of those are excellent. I really did not like "Do You Wanna Come Over" & "Clumsy" was just alright, so I was slightly worried, but the rest of the album is solid otherwise too. Not sure what the point of showcasing those two tracks was? I'll need more listens, but I think what's particularly noteworthy about this album is that the production feels fleshed out, largely modern, and vocally she's selling classic Britney - charisma
  6. I'm out & haven't had time to really sit down & listen to it besides a min or so of each song.... but the production quality is SO much better than BJ - thank god! More importantly, I'm hearing classic Britney vocals - not the crap we've gotten the last two albums.
  7. It's REALLY good! It's been so long. I could do without the rap tho lol
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