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  1. Which Grammy did she win ?
  2. Noar

    Favorite Rihanna Feature?

    Ugh. I like Wait Your Turn but this was not a fair trade !
  3. Diamonds Birthday Cake (ft. Chris Brown) Don't Stop The Music Run This Town S&M (ft. Britney) Breakin Dishes Love On The Brain Fire Bomb Man Down Princess Of China
  4. Noar

    Favorite Rihanna Feature?

    That's so hard ! I'm going to choose Princess Of China. And I usually don't like Coldplay. Close behind is Run This Town. I didn't know there was a solo version!
  5. As much as I loved that she did this, I don't want her to release country music. I've seen some people giving this idea, but it's really not my type of music.
  6. Did he make an article on "Happy Birthday"?
  7. Can someone make a good audio rip please ?
  8. Omg! Wow! This is so good! She sounded great and I Love how confident she seemed and how much fun she seemed to have!
  9. I've read that after this unusual effort her doctor advised her to put her voice to rest and to go back to lipsynching for the next 10 years.
  10. I'm changing my name to Jacob.
  11. It seems like she had been saving her voice for more than a decade and she rehearsed every year at EVERY birthday she went to for THIS moment!
  12. That crowd is so lucky !!!
  13. OMG She got me hysterical in front of my computer for 20 seconds LMAO! She really went for it !
  14. Noar


    It truly has become one of my all time favorite songs of hers. Her voice! I just want to need to make sure I know what it's about because I'm confused. Does being with this man put her in a certain mood (good mood) ? Or is being in love with that man making her go through different moods (bad and good) ?