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  1. Some of you say she'll be back to Vegas after this. But after what happened, wouldn't concerts organizers be scared that she would have to cancel again because of her mental health?
  2. I'm doubting these mails. Would she really contact her dad by mail ? Who does that ? I know, "everybody has been doin emails" lol but I'd think she'd send him a sms instead. Also, I don't imagine her referring to her children as "my 8 month old and my one year old".
  3. Also we don't "know" Amanda like we "know" Britney here.
  4. I hope fans won't scare her boyfriend away.
  5. It seems crazy to me how Jamie, as her conservator, is supposedly protecting Britney by checking that there are no bad people around her, and yet someone like this can get so close to her and even become his other daughter's manager. I know it can be a hard job, he can make mistakes. But you'd think that if those mails are real, Britney would have to talked to him about that, right ? Did he just not care about her opinion ? Did Britney change her mind ?
  6. Who is that woman called Lou for Britney ? I know she's Jamie Lynn's manager, but does she work for Britney too ? What is she ?
  7. I'm scared. And I like some of you said, I can't believe some fans decided to get in touch with Sam Lufti
  8. Ugh. That's one of my favorite photoshoots. The way he describes her kind of fits the vibe of the shoot though, I think she was just too into it lol. I'm not going to believe everything that someone on Twitter her from someone else though. Even if there may be some truth to it. She did such great interviews in 2016 to promote Glory, it's surprising to see she could be like this at the same time. But I guess it can happen, depending on the days, and her medication.
  9. I wonder what Britney will think of us after this
  10. You know one of the reasons why this is happening is because people love drama and some young fans think it's cool to have the FreeBritney hashtag.
  11. I feel bad for Britney. If she decided to do this herself, we know she wanted it kept private. Not only it didn't stay a secret, now there's all this chaos around it in the press.
  12. Like when she said that everything was fine with Kevin ?
  13. You think people would just stop speculating if Britney asked for privacy ? Also, she doesn't have to say that she's happy, whether she is or not, even if she does that like people talking about it.
  14. Would Britney stop taking her meds knowing this could keep her children away from her?
  15. Where are those numbers from though ?
  16. Same. After reading comments of bad sales I expected worse.
  17. That tattoo would have been cringeworthy even if the show hadn't been cancelled. It's way too much. I understand that some fans would want a tattoo related to their idols. But it's only nice to me if it's subtle. This has her face, her name, a random residency name, and it's fucking big. So many red flags.
  18. I thought it was too soon for her to start a new residency so I'm not upset about that.
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