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  1. I feel sick that after 11 years he still tries to get back in this picture. He’s the sickest person on earth and I still don’t get how he’s still free and not locked up in some jail.
  2. I just hope her team comes for these girls’ asses ASAP. I’m ashamed to be a Britney fan right now.
  3. So, since I don’t really know the California law, is it possibile that someone would investigate in this conservatorship?
  4. I took some time to listen to the podcast and try to think about this whole situation. I'll try to go step by step 1) Flashback to 2008: Britney's situation was very bad. So bad that they took her with an ambulance, but her in a 5150 and started a conservatorship. Was that necessary (for me)? Def yes. Everyone could see how bad the situation was "thanks" to exposition she had back then, she had paparazzi following her everywhere. 2) The mess of the meet&greet this summer and Domination announcement: it was pretty much clear something was wrong with her and the meet
  5. Plus, as much as I known people hate/don’t believe in blind items, there actually were BI about an “a list” singer stopping her meds back in August.
  6. Because of the mess of the meet and greet that happened this summer. People I know who actually met her told me she was a completely different person. Maybe she just started taking less meds and then stopped this year but def something was wrong since last summer. IF we believe everything these girls say and Jamie isn’t really ok, when he was in kentwood for whatever happened to him, she felt “free” (?) to do whatever she wanted (as stop talking her meds?) (ps I missed you all guys, but i’ve been reading you)
  7. I think she stopped taking her meds last summer, when she had the European tour.
  8. https://twitter.com/tessellate_x
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