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  1. im confident she'll do a special performance on one of the dates... maybe of a slower song (Goodbye or Viva Forever) or one of those where she only has to stand still and point
  2. but isnt it a bit hypocritical to post about them but not follow them? I dont know I just find it odd
  3. on the one hand, I get that social media is bullshit and doesnt mean a thing but on the other hand, why does she not follow her fellow bandmates?... i know she's done with the SG and all that, but she can´t deny her past and should aknowledge she is who she is because she was first part of the most successful girlband in history
  4. the only thing that really bothers me about this whole thing is... how the fuck did Jordan know! why?! I need some answers
  5. and perfume???!! I guess she didnt even care for those songs
  6. the speech!!!!! I need the full!!! bitch is woke! she's fully aware of everything! she wants to speak up!!!
  7. OMFG! I've never thought I'd see this day! She's fucking bored of doing the same fucking show over and over and she actually cared enough to do a random live song! I dont know what this means but I cant help to feel excited!!!!!!!
  8. bitch is wise! she's saving that voice for when she's older and cant use the lingerie outfits anymore! Brtiney's "21" coming in 2037!!!!

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