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  1. She just wore it so much better than Geri. She wasn’t that big until that dress. Then she became an overnight smash. There’s a story out there that Google Images owes their big break to that fateful J.Lo appearance because people wouldn’t stop searching for images online. A red carpet dress hadn’t made that big of a splash since Elizabeth Hurley’s safety pin Versace which was the modern original “that dress”. It’s so fascinating how one outfit can completely define a celebrity and capture the world’s attention.
  2. That’s neocolonial of you. Receipts... my undergrad in Sociology/Gender Studies. 💀⚰️
  3. He’s cum guzzling at Walmart in order to achieve a life outside the internet.
  4. Going into the thread like this... Then finding out quickly how completely and totally unprepared for what I would discover... Then leaving like this:
  5. Blues Country Adult contemporary R&B Cabaret She has a deep and thick tone that is also feminine and sweet. She just needs to work on pitch and breath control.
  6. Singapore will now be internationally known as SANGapore. Please respect the new culture.
  7. No makeup. No weave. No clothes. No shoes. Just a mic and her voice. lmfao
  8. Lady Gaga invented LGBTQ ?️‍? and has it patented
  9. Fuck Private Show and Clumsy for taking album spots.
  10. Belinda Jons had enough to last a lifetime
  11. Literally, Clumsy and Private Show were the worst tracks on the album. Why did they release them? I get it, because they didn't want to give the other gems away. But they're such a horrible representation of this MASTERPIECE... And they aren't even that bad! Glory is like Circus, Femme Fatale, and Britney Jean never happened. It's like she went from ITZ/Blackout, took a break, and then put together Glory. Modern, grown-up, adult, sophisticated pop music in a cohesive album. Seriously. I am sitting on my couch, utterly PARALYZED. Britney Spears is back.
  12. They fucking did it. She fucking did it. This is classic Britney to the very core of her pop roots harking back to 2000. It just has modern pop production value. No gimmicks. No major trend-hopping. Just straight up Britney. And her fucking VOICE. I haven't heard it in years. She's fucking done it.
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