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  1. TIMELINE 3/10/2016 Britney has worked with songwriter Carla Marie Williams for the album. SOURCE 3/1/2016 Britney covers the 100th issue of V Magazine and talks about the album. SOURCE 2/26/2016 Mischke, the vocal producer for Britney's tracks with Burns, confirms that he was in Vegas working with Britney. SOURCE 2/23/2016 PopJustice user, Selectual, who has had a reliable track record in the past, says he heard a new track called, "Slumber Party" written by Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels. He describes the track as a "breathy, sexy, #urban jam" and "very Britney." He also says he can understand why Larry referenced The Weeknd when describing Britney's direction on this album. Justin and Julia previously said that when they were in the studio with Britney, she sounded so good that they were kicked out of the studio because they were freaking out and screaming. This could be that track. SOURCE 2/15/2016 
Selectual, a reliable member at Pop Justice, says that "Just Luv Me" is a midtempo track. 2/12/2016 
In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Britney says we should expect to hear "something new" from her "very soon." 
SOURCE 2/11/2016 
Larry Rudolph says that Album 9 is "80% finished." He describes the sound as "Classic Britney meets The Weeknd." But let's all keep in mind that this is coming from the man that also described Myah Jean as Britney's Ray of Light so...

"Just Luv Me," a song Britney might have referenced in a tweet on 10/30/15 was just registered on BMI, a music publishing site. Based on the list of producers, it looks like Britney is working with Cashmere Cat.

 UPDATE: As of 2/25/2016, Just Luv Me has been removed from BMI. What does it all mean!? 2/10/2016 
A random Twitter account, @bawbbyspears starts tweeting what appear to be lyrics to Just Love Me, and states that there are no Myah Marie vocals on the track. The background vocals are performed by Julia Michaels and Britney herself. There is no credibility to these tweets and should be taken with a grain of salt.
DJ Mustard, who already confirmed that he has also worked with Britney for Album 9, tweets that his track with her is coming soon. He describes the track as a "super big hit" and "motion picture," and that there are, "Too many words [to describe it]." 
SOURCE 11/3/2015 
Britney posts a picture on Instagram with songwriters Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, confirming that a new album is on the way!
 SOURCE 10/30/2015 
Britney tweets that she has just recorded some vocals for a new track, hinting that the title could be, Just Love Me.
 SOURCE 10/9/2015 
Britney posts a picture on Instagram confirming that she is working with producers, Burns and Mischke.
 SOURCE 8/13/2015 
Matthew Koma confirms that he has also recorded with Britney. "She’s extremely talented. It’s funny getting to work with her sometimes, you know, because you just think about the history and how much of pop music is influenced today by things she’s done and invented.... It’s super surreal to sit there and hear Britney Spears sing one of your songs. It’s like — it’s one of those things on the checklist... Super, beyond pro. Beyond sweet. Comes in. Nails it. Knows the tunes. With her, it’s been a very different thing, case by case. There are songs where she has a lot of input, as far as 'I wanna go for this vibe and this is what I’m listening to, and this is what I’m into and this is what I want to execute,' and there are other times where she’s like 'This song speaks to me. I learned it and I wanna kill it.' And she does. She’s been wonderful." 
SOURCE 7/10/2015
 Britney posts a picture on Instagram confirming that she is working with songwriter and music producer, Alex Da Kid.
 SOURCE 7/2/2015
 Songwriter, Ian Kirkpatrick, posts a screencap of an article on Instagram confirming that he has worked with Britney for her ninth LP.
 SOURCE 7/2/2015
 Singer-songwriter, Chantel Kreviazuk, posts a picture on Instagram confirming that she and Simon Wilcox have worked on a new song with Britney.

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