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i actually started to cry when i listened to this in the morning. i think it was just the combination of the lyrics, the slowed down tempo, the melody and her glorious vocals that really touched me, b

for those who bothered to follow her in the first place

At work listening to Make Me like...  

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The vocals on the second verse are something magical. I don't know how to explain it but it's been a really long time since she's sounded like this. I get this feeling when I listen to it that I haven't really felt when her singles premiere. This song feels like an effort she enjoyed making and we enjoy supporting and listening to. Everything about it is executed perfectly and I'm really proud of her for once again being this phenonix this rises above their past and shines somehow brighter than before. I'm happy we're happy and I'm happy she's happy. It's going to be a special era everyone. So let's get ready to ride this roller coaster together. :heart: 

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