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i actually started to cry when i listened to this in the morning. i think it was just the combination of the lyrics, the slowed down tempo, the melody and her glorious vocals that really touched me, b

for those who bothered to follow her in the first place

At work listening to Make Me like...  

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Just now, speakerbox said:

Is anyone else blasting all of Britney's old greatest hits today? I made a playlist this morning. :love:

MM made me want to listen to Blackout after a month or so. says a lot :bow:

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20 minutes ago, Daviddd said:

It's about that time. In about two hours I'll hear this in my car for the first time. Windows down, moonroof open. God damn I'm fucking stoked. 


Please record it!!! I'm living for fans videos!!!


This song is magic, it deserve a huge sucess seriously! Thanks Godney for this gift!

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5 minutes ago, Laura Cole said:

Oh nice! Lake land? Or Lake Mary? I'm really bad with directions :laugh: they're playing lucky right now this is amazing haha

Lol Lake County


Crazy was on when I was leaving work!

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